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Does where you are going feel right, in alignment with what is inside you and your strategic direction?


Get to Know Me

I have spent most of my years in roles that involve helping others. From a Crisis Worker

and Program Coordinator of Family Violence Unit in the 80’s to Vice President of

Clinical Services and Senior Clinical Account Manager in the 90’s through present

day. Then spending the last decades in a large corporate environment managing a team and overseeing sales.

These experiences were imperfect and required skills and tools that had to be acquired

“on the run”. There was seldom anyone to help sort it out. The loneliness became an

issue. What I learned is: Don’t isolate, don’t treat yourself as a pathogen, reach out for

support. Recenter, sort out, build skills and resiliency. Take some strategic time to

access where you are, where the organization is, and what specific steps you need to

take to align yourself and start moving ‘forward’. By your own definition.

Together, these experiences have helped to propel my own life forward into wanting to

become your Life Coach and Business Consultant. My mission is to create a safe,

supportive relationship that challenges in the best way with the goal of propelling your own life forward.




I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Greg Banks for over twenty years. He was initially a

professional peer, then my supervisor, a director, then a friend, and finally I retained him as my

professional coach.

He has a strong work ethic, which is always present, a set of values that are organized around the

customer’s needs and concerns, and a personality that is at once serious and outcomes focused while

also humorous, finding fun in multiple circumstances.

It is my pleasure to recommend him to you, as a coach, mentor and or trainer on a wide range of topics.

Susan B


with Greg Banks

I can coach and mentor you, so that you can take a look at yourself, your history, your skills, your passions and help you to define a new YOU, full of passion and purpose!

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